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Are you an off-line, online Business, Ministry, Organisation owner, or thinking of starting one, and you want to develop an online presence worldwide?

At Chisadely1 Ltd Global Business And Health Solutions, we are dedicated to producing high-quality, engaging, interactive, professional and most powerful Web & Graphics Designs. We will work with you throughout your project to making sure that you are fully satisfied with the finished design. You will get 1 modification when the project is finished.

When you place an order, just send us your content (wording, videos, and photos you want us to embed in your Web Design). If you don’t have photos, we offer loyalty free photos at a very low price of £2.50 per photo. The total price for the photos will be issued after we see the total photos we have embedded in your website or you can tell us how many photos you want us embed into your designed website. If you need any graphical designs to be embedded in your website, then click Graphics Design to navigate to the page and place an order.

We strongly urge you to give Website Management a thought.

We have to Website Management Packages for you to choose from.

  1. Website Management 24/7 this package costs £

Important Notes:

1. We will embed the link of this page to the footer of your finished Web Design. In the same way, we will embed the link of your finished Website into your Web Design Project on the Portfolio page on our Website. That way, our link gets exposed to the people you know when they visit your site. Likewise, your link will be exposed to the people we know when they visit our site. So it’s really a win-win situation.

To learn more about the above note, click to visit the ‘MY PORTFOLIO‘ page on this website.

If you don’t consent to the above note, then let us know and both parties will not be executed.

2. No work will commence until we have cleared funds on Gold, Silver, and Bronze Levels. Depending on what payment method you use at checkout, some are quicker while others take some time to clear.

3. On the Platinum Levels, work will commence immediately we have cleared funds of your first instalment. The details of the finished website will be given to you when we have cleared funds of your last instalment.

4. If you want us to embed videos and photos in the Slider as layer slides and/ or background videos, you must add the Web Design Extras package which will be presented to you when you add the Web Design Sub-package of your choice to the cart.

It’s imperative you make sure that the content you submit is absolutely correct. Proofread your content because we won’t proofread it. We will write the way you submit it to us.

Below are the available Sales & Landing Pages and Web Design packages we offer.

1. Responsive Website With 3 Banner Slides package has got Gold Level – 1 and Gold Level – 2

2. Responsive Website With 2 Banner Slides package has got Silver Level – 1 and Silver Level – 2

3. Responsive Website With 1 Static Slide package has got Bronze Level – 1 and Bronze Level – 2

4. Landing and Sales Pages Services at competitive prices has got Premium Service – By quotation only

We also offer the Platinum Level to cater for those who would like to pay in 3 installments. The Platinum Level has got 3 packages with 2 sub-packages each.

1. Responsive Website With 3 Banner Slides package has Platinum Level – 1 and Platinum Level – 2

2. Responsive Website With 2 Banner Slides pack has Platinum Level – 3 and Platinum Level – 4

3. Responsive Website With 1 Static Slide pack has Platinum Level – 5 and Platinum Level – 6

Each package has got 2 categories of Web Design sub-packages. The second one gives you NO access to your Website Backend, and the first one gives you FULL access to your Website Backend.

The prices you see are the prices you get. No HIDDEN charges. Transparency is our daily bread.

We also offer Landing pages and Sales pages services at competitive prices. If this interests you, contact us for a custom tailored quotation.

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